Duralac Anti Corrosive Jointing Compound 115ml

Aviation & Marine Grade Jointing Compound
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Duralac is a chromate containing jointing compound designed to inhibit electrolytic decomposition between dissimilar metals – often called galvanic corrosion. It is a single pack, air setting product. Used correctly, Duralac prevents anodic decomposition.

Originally developed for the aviation industry as an essential corrosion inhibiting material wherever dissimilar metals are joined and now widely used in both marine and transport applications even where components of same metal are in contact and where metals contact wood, rubber, synthetic materials etc.

Duralac is a free flowing paste based on a synthetic elastic resin and barium chromate. Duralac conforms to specification DTD 369B, which superseded DTD 369A.

Typical Applications:

  • Between aluminum alloy plates, extrusions and bolts or rivets used in building applications.
  • In general engineering applications where dissimilar contact cannot be avoided.
  • In vehicle building where aluminum alloy contacts steel.
  • For marine application where corrosion is accelerated by brine concentration.
  • In close proximity to the sea where a salt laden atmosphere will meet with structures and set up electrolytic cells.
  • In aerospace where rivets/bolts are secured into aluminum plates.


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