NEVERUST 274 LV (5 ltr)

Medium Duty Corrosion Protector
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MOLYGRAPH NEVERUST 274 LV is a non-drying medium duty corrosion protector with the following benefits:

  • Displaces moisture
  • Forms an oily non-drying film giving complete protection to expensive components
  • Provides both superior lubrication and heavy duty corrosion inhibition to metal parts and assemblies upto a period of 28 to 32 weeks
  • Protects equipment parts and spares during storage, shipment and in process
  • Can be easily removed by alkaline cleaners or degreasing solvents. Recommended MOLYGRAPH® U-KLEEN for effective removal
  • Product free from nitrites, chromate or other heavy metals


  • Protective coating for indoor storage
  • Protects steel, alloy steel and cast iron
  • As a protector cum lubricant for bearings, stored machinery, cutting tools, engine blocks, pistons, guides, chains and wire ropes.


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