Quiksteel Epoxy Putty Stick (4 oz.)

Steel reinforced epoxy putty. Takes upto 260°C
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BlueMagic QUIKSTEEL is a metal epoxy that can also be used as a bonding agent between two metal parts. This versatile product even works under water and can withstand temperatures upto 260°C.

QuikSteel Epoxy Putty Stick is a hand-kneadable, fast-setting, industrial-strength, steel-reinforced polymer compound for permanent repairs to anything made of steel or other metals.

It is a MUST for your tool box !!


  • Sets steel hard within 15 to 30 minutes, even under water, achieving a full chemical cure within 60 minutes.  It is impervious to petrol, diesel, and oil – even battery acid.
  • Permanently bonds to aluminium, brass, copper, steel, PVC, fibre glass, plastics, glass, wood and more.
  • Repairs leaking fuel tanks, kerbed alloys, and stone damaged radiators, cracked sumps, stripped threads, and exhausts. Around the home it can fix anything from leaking guttering to a leaking central heating pipe.
  • Is 260°C (500°F) temperature resistant.
  • It is drinking water safe - NSF 61 certified.


  • Efficient - use exactly what you need and no more
  • Designed for serious repairs - anywhere anytime!
  • No messy mixing (pre-measured)
  • Shelf life of more than 2 years

Suggested Industrial Use: Leaking Transformers, Filling of Cracks & Gaps in Metal / Stone / Wood, etc.

QuikSteel has over a dozen copies, but the original is still the original. Used by all the NTPCs in India for transformer leak sealing, this highest temperature resistant putty stick can be used to seal oil leaks, underwater leaks, and has the highest strength with its titanium fillers.

Pack Size: 4oz./113.6gm stick

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