Copper Anti-Seize Lubricant (250 G)

Copper Anti-Seize for Temp. upto 1100°C
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TECHSOLUTE Copper Anti-Seize Lubricant prevents seizure of threaded connections and mating surfaces due to high temperature, corrosive atmospheres & moisture ingress.

It is excellent for Industrial & Automotive applications like:

  • Furnace bolts subjected to high temperature
  • CNC machines tool holder bolts/screws as they as subjected to high temperatures and tend to get seized
  • Threads of automotive wheel-bolts/nuts for easy removal & protection of threads against dirt, moisture & corrosion
  • Brake Caliper bolts


  • Reduces friction and thereby reduces wear in high pressure sliding surfaces
  • Prevents seizures at high temperatures upto 1100°C
  • Eases dismantling and assembling during installation and maintenance
  • Prevents scuffing, pick up and seizures during wearing in
  • Saves threaded parts from galling, distortion and breaking
  • Guards against rust and corrosion. Resists fresh and salt water corrosion
  • Low co-efficient of friction
  • Meets ‘break away’ torque requirements of MIL-A-907E
  • Good brushability


  • For slow moving and high load applications
  • For high temperature and corrosive atmospheres
  • For gears, racks, pinions, spline shafts, plain bearings, pivot joints, studs, bolts, nuts & other threaded parts
  • As a Live-Ring lubricant in cement plants
  • Industries include engineering, refinery, cement, steel, sugar, chemicals, petrochemicals, textiles, windmills, mining, offshore drilling and many others


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