Engineer's Quick Reference Pocket Book

Engineer's Pocket Book, Size 90x148mm
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An essential reference for any workshop. 50 laminated pages of charts, tables and formulae in a handy 90x148mm pocket book.

Contents includes

  • Conversion Factors
  • Drill Size and Decimal Equivalent Charts
  • Tapping Drill Sizes for Thread Cutting Taps
  • Tapping Drill Sizes for Thread Forming Taps
  • Preferred Fits for Standard Engineering Components
  • Preferred Limits and Fits (ISO 286)
  • Hardness Comparison Chart
  • Coordinates for Locating Equally Spaced Holes
  • Standard Wire Gauges
  • Standard Sheet Metal Gauges
  • Sheetmetal Bending
  • Sheetmetal Bending Allowances
  • Morse Taper Shanks / Sockets / Sleeves
  • M2 HSS Drill Surface Speeds, RPMs, Feeds & Thrusts
  • Annular Cutter Surface Speeds and RPMs
  • Cobalt Bi-Metal Hole Saw Speeds
  • Tungsten Carbide Burr Speeds
  • HSS Reamer Surface Speeds & Feeds
  • Numerical Control (CNC Programming)
  • Common Engineering Abbreviations
  • Triangle Geometry Oblique and Right Angled


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