Jenolite Rust Converter (250g)

Water Based Formula
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Jenolite Rust Converter
Wipes out rust … seals and primes ready for painting

Jenolite Rust Converter does two jobs in one - it gets rid of the rust and converts the once rusted area into a stable, polymer coated surface ready to paint. It will remove even the most stubborn rust and leave the metal looking as good as new.

Jenolite Rust Converter provides proven resistance to chemical, bacterial and salt spray attack, as well as a barrier to water vapour, oxygen and carbon dioxide.

How to get a professional look:

  1. Apply Jenolite Rust Converter by brush directly to the rusted area.
  2. Allow to dry. This takes about 15 minutes – you′ll see the treated areas change to blue/black as the Jenolite converts the rust into a corrosive resistant polymer coating that acts as a primer.
  3. Paint after 3 – 24 hours with a traditional paint of your choice. Job done!


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