Cerox 2610 (1kg)

Polishing Powder for Glass & Mirror
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Cerox 2610 is a classic traditional polishing powder product.

It is mainly used in polishing wheel, lens, crystal, optical and other traditional fields. The product has moderate particle size, high cutting rate and wide adaptability.

Features & Benefits of Solvay CEROX 2610:

  1. Cerium Oxide based polishing powder for flat glass, mirrors, automotive windshields, and architectural glass
  2. Excellent polishing productivity. Achieve consistent polishing efficiency, and improved suspension properties
  3. Flexible use: Solvay CEROX 2610 can be used with a variety of glass types, pads, and machines
  4. This solution is for polishing flat glass, mirrors, auto windshields, and architectural glass
  5. Extended slurry lifetime; Stays mixed with water well while you are polishing.

Product has a shelf life of 3 years, in packaging


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