MOLYGRAPH TFG 100 (1 kg.)

PTFE fortified Lithium Grease
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  • PTFE acts as solid lubricant and forms a micro thin film on bearing surfaces which reduces friction and wear.
  • Reduces heat build up.
  • Resists water washout.
  • Good mechanical stability.
  • Has very good thermal stability and does not migrate at elevated temperatures.
  • Excellent resistance to steam.
  • Ideally suited to combat moist environment.
  • Chemically stable.
  • Provides excellent metal to metal lubrication.
  • Operating temperature range -20°C to +150°C


  • For all types of anti-friction bearings.
  • For blowers and high speed electric motors.
  • Gears, pumps, industrial tools and agricultural equipment.
  • Hydraulic systems, centralized greasing systems.
  • Industries included engineering, textile, marine, construction, chemicals and many others.


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