Multi Functional, High Temperature, Extreme Pressure Grease
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MOLYGRAPH MPG2 (RED) is a premium grade high speed, high temperature grease

NLGI Grade 2


  • Excellent high temperature performance provided by a Lithium-Complex thickener that resists softening / running out of bearings at temperature up to 150 °C.
  • Exhibits excellent mechanical stability and resists softening due to mechanical working.
  • Outstanding grease life demonstrated in the laboratory bearing rig test at temperatures exceeding 120 °C.
  • Excellent performance in high-speed applications were channeling characteristics provide excellent performance particularly in high-speed deep grove ball bearing.
  • Excellent water washout resistance and protects bearings from corrosion, also provided AW additive to minimize wear & tear in the bearing.

Applications: Specially designed for high-speed industrial ID fan & FD Fan bearings, motor bearings, dryer-roller bearings, rotary steam joints and equipment adjacent to high radiant heat such as ovens, soaking pits etc. For general purpose ball, roller, taper roller and needle roller bearings.


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