Chuck Paste


High Performance Chuck Paste
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Benefits :

  • Long term lubrication
  • Contains chosen solid lubricants with a combination of additives.
  • Low co-efficient of friction.
  • Good clamping forces.
  • Capable of withstanding jerks and heavy loads.
  • Avoids fretting corrosion.
  • Lubrication suitable in humid environment.
  • Good adherence to metallic surfaces.
  • Highly economical as the product has wide area coverage.
  • Chemical resistant. Also has good resistance to steam, water and water based coolants.

Applications :

  • As assembly lubrication paste.
  • For CNC & other machine tools and chuck jaws.
  • For frictional and sliding surfaces.
  • For lubricating of areas in filing, labeling, packaging machines, reciprocatory action sieves etc. where high level vibrating stresses are encountered.


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