Kluber Isoflex NBU 15 Spindle Bearing Grease (50gm)

High Speed Barium Complex Grease
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ISOFLEX NBU 15 is a high-speed grease with a good pressure absorption capacity. It consists of a combination of ester oil, synthetic hydrocarbon oil and mineral oil and a barium complex soap.

It offers good protection against wear and corrosion and is resistant to water, media and oxidation.


  • Spindle bearings and high-speed plain bearings, e.g. in machine tools and textile machines.
  • In threaded spindles
  • Ball screws operating under high loads
  • Running gear bearings
  • As a long-term grease in cableway bearings and in precision engineering.

It may also be used for the lubrication of tooth flanks in precision gears (e.g. bevel gears in milling machines, electro-mechanical valve actuators).


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