Surprising Uses of Cable Ties

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Ridiculously cheap and ridiculously effective: now that’s the perfect household tool. They’re great for keeping your cords neat and organized, of course, but that’s just one of hundreds of amazing ways to use and reuse (yes, you can recycle them) cable ties. Have your own favorite use? Share them with us in the comments.

Here are a few suggested uses from our side:

  1. Keep Plants Upright. Tomatoes, young trees, cucumbers, roses, and any other plants that need staking, keep them in place with a secure, but not too tight, cable tie.
  2. Repair Wire Baskets. Are there a few gaps in your wire basket? No need to replace the whole thing, just replace the missing wires with zip ties.
  3. Deter Thieves. Stop sticky-handed people when you’re traveling or out on the town. Tie two zippers together to deter muggers and pickpockets.
  4. Replace Missing Zipper Pulls. Zippers aren’t very useful if you can’t pull them up or down! For a quick fix, attach a cable tie to the zipper.
  5. Child-Proof Your Home. Keep your children, and any little visitors, safe by placing anything you don’t want them to get their hands on in a cabinet, and keeping that cabinet shut and secure with a cable tie.
  6. Holding your audio, video, & power cables together behind your sound system and TV.
  7. Controlling that mess of cord behind your desktop computer and printer.
  8. Keeping your car wheel covers attached to your car.
  9. Students - Lock up your backpack temporarily when going to an after school practice. At least it is a mild preventative measure to keep students from messing with your stuff.

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