Importance of Safety Signage at Work

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Safety Signs and Signals are one of the main means of communicating health and safety information. It is vital that everyone concerned understands risks and how they should be dealt with.

For this reason, proper signage in a workplace is essential, as it is one of the main points of reference and contact for staff. These signs should be found anywhere a potential hazard might be found, and the aim is to clearly indicate the danger so that it may be avoided. Other signs actually explain the precautions to take in order to avoid the hazard.

This includes the use of illuminated signs, hand and acoustic signals (e.g. fire alarms), spoken communication and the marking of pipework containing dangerous substances.

Traditional signboards, such as prohibition and warning signs, signs for fire exits, Fire Action Plan notices (fire drills) and fire-fighting equipment are also considered to be Safety Signs.

In view of their importance, it is critical that all Safety Signs and Signals can be easily understood.

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