A Pandemic Called COVID-19

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A Pandemic Called Corona A Pandemic Called Corona

Much has been said & talked about the dreaded COVID-19 or Corona Virus Disease 2019. It is a pandemic of epic proportions and something that has never been seen before.

[A pandemic is a global disease outbreak, whereas an epidemic occurs when an infectious disease spreads rapidly to many people. An outbreak is a sudden rise in the number of cases of a disease.]

So I donot want to reiterate any of it. Just like everyone, I also hope wish & pray that this crisis situation ends soon and everything gets back to normal. It may never be the same as earlier though.

But, this is the time when we sit back and think hard as to what went wrong. What measures should be taken so that this is not repeated.

Is nature sending us a message that humanity is placing too many pressures on the natural world?

Leading scientists also said the COVID-19 outbreak was a “clear warning shot”, given that far more deadly diseases existed in wildlife, and that today’s civilization was “playing with fire”. They said it was almost always human behaviour that caused diseases to spill over into humans.

To prevent further outbreaks, the experts said, both global heating and the destruction of the natural world for farming, mining and housing have to end, as both drive wildlife into contact with people.

We request everyone to stay calm & stay at home till this passes. Just as the number of people and countries affected by this new virus have spread, so have conspiracy theories and unfounded claims about it. Social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok, have seen a number of false and misleading post causing a lot of excitement, scare, anxiety and spread negative vibes.

While no one source of information is perfect, some are undeniably better than others !!

It’s best to look for sites that:

  • Rely on experts who use well-accepted scientific analyses and publish their results in reputable medical journals
  • Have a mission to inform and protect the public, such as the WHO, which recently added a myth busters page to its information on the virus
  • Are not promoting or selling a product related to the information provided.

Below, we have listed links to credible information from legit sources for the benefit of all.

  1. Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, India
  2. WHO on COVID-19
  3. COVID-19 Global Dashboard

While gathering information online may be your easiest initial option, isolate yourself and contact your doctor if you have symptoms of an infection, such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has launched a WhatsApp bot — called MyGov Corona Helpdesk — to get instant authoritative answers to people's coronavirus queries such as the symptoms of the viral disease and how they could seek help.

Send "Hi" on +919013151515 to get information

The ‘MyGov Corona Helpdesk’ has been engineered to fight rumors, educate the masses and bring a sense of calm to the current chaos-like situation.

India is in lockdown due to novel coronavirus outbreak. But the virus can still spread through fomites.

What are fomites?

A fomite or fomes is any inanimate object that, when contaminated with or exposed to infectious agents, can transfer disease to a new host. Anything including clothes, utensils, newspapers, mobile phones, front-desk of a shop, packaged items, ATM machines and debit/credit cards, and even doorknobs, buttons in a lift, hand-rest of an escalator and furniture can be fomites.

The degree of risk posed by fomites depends on how long does novel coronavirus or any other pathogen survives on these objects.

Before ending, a factual reminder that no place on the earth is free from viruses and bacteria of some kind. The ongoing fight is against the newest member of human viruses. This is relatively unknown and extremely virile, so it is more dangerous.

Governments can impose restrictions, lock downs & curfews but it is upon us maintain composure & follow directions strictly. We must ensure that Novel Coronavirus does not get enough fomites to hide and hunt.

Stay Safe !!

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