Timber Preservation with LanoProtect

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Timber Preservation with LanoProtect Timber Preservation with LanoProtect

LANOPROTECT LIQUID is sprayable form of the famous Lanolin Grease, which leaves a non‐drying liquid film that does not evaporate or wash off. The film left by LanoProtect is your protection barrier against oxidation and corrosion and with the films resistance to acidic and alkaline solutions you can count on LanoProtect to do exactly that.

There are multiple benefits when LanoProtect is used for Timber Preservation:

  • Forms a Non‐toxic lanolin film
  • Penetrates surface and prolongs timber life
  • Does not evaporate or leach
  • No breakdown with exposure to U. V. Rays
  • Highlights the natural timber grain
  • Seals timber to prevent moisture loss or gain, thereby protecting against rotting, splitting and drying out
  • The anti‐corrosive qualities in the oil will protect nails, screws and all metal fittings from rust and corrosion.
  • Non‐slip when wet
  • Easy to apply to all external timbers


  • Apply LanoProtect evenly coating the surface. Dry patches will need extra attention to achieve an even finish. Best results achieved with lambs wool applicators.
  • As this is a penetrating liquid and not a surface finish, any excess will remain tacky and must be removed. This is easily accomplished with a terry towelling cloth and requires only light rubbing. Buffing of the surface will provide best finish.
  • Should additional applications be desired in the future, simply reapply – no special preparation is necessary.


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